5 Surprising Dental Tips You Might Not Have Heard Before

5 Surprising Dental Tips You Might Not Have Heard Before

Our friends at My Downey Family Dentist are a team of dentists  that have been working in the industry for years. From helping patients achieve and maintain good oral healthcare to completely replacing teeth with modern cosmetic dentistry, they’ve seen pretty much all there is to see when it comes to the human mouth. Today, they’ve provided a quick list of dental tips that are a bit different than the standard advice of “Brush your teeth” and “Go to the dentist”.

Healthy is More Important than Perfect

As people, it’s only natural for us to focus on our smallest imperfections. When it comes to teeth, this can be especially hard. When you chip or even lose a tooth, it can be hard not to focus on it until the problem seems like a major one when in actuality, it’s probably relatively minor. For these situations, it’s important to remember that a healthy smile is far more important than a smile that looks perfect.  It’s the dentist’s job to keep your smile healthy not to make it perfect. However, if perfect teeth are something you sincerely want – your dentist can most definitely help.

Alignment Over Straightness

Obsessing over a tooth that isn’t perfectly straight? Stop and relax. It’s actually much more important to have teeth that are properly aligned than it is to have teeth that are perfectly straight. Sure, braces, invisalign braces, retainers, and other orthodontic treatments are designed to straighten and even out your teeth. However, while straightness is mostly cosmetic – alignment can impact your ability to chew, it can influence crowding of the teeth in your mouth, and it can exacerbate issues with headaches, tooth grinding, or protruding teeth.

Home Care is the Most Important Care

The most important dental work you ever have done to you is actually done by you as well. For that reason, one of the most critical dental tips we can provide in order to help patients keep their teeth healthy and their smile bright, is to stay on top of home-care.

By maintaining a great oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice a day, flossing (at least) once a day, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash – you drastically reduce the need for serious dental work further down the road. That’s right, armed with a good oral hygiene routine, there’s a great chance you’ll have no need to find a dentist in the middle of the night for the pain of a sudden cavity, or a filling for yet another cavity. Better yet, it’s easy.

Have a question about oral hygiene or dental care? There’s a good chance it’s already been answered at My Downey Family Dentist’s blog. Check them out today to learn more!