Who Will Win The US 2020 Election?

Who Will Win The US 2020 Election?

The US presidential election is coming in November 2020, and we will looking at Trump vs. Biden polls to see whether Trump will reside in the white house for another four years, or it will be Joe Biden who will be the next president of the US.

Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for the election 2020, and he will face Joe Biden, who will be representing the Democratic Party in the presidential race. Biden has been vice president under President Barack Obama. He is otherwise an aged politician.

As the election day is approaching, polling companies will try to assess the public opinion by asking people about the candidate they would like in the white house for the next 4 years.

What Have The Candidates Been Up To Lately?

Polls done on the national level can come in handy when you want to assess the general public opinion, but they do not necessarily tell us about the winning candidate.

A good example are the polls of 2016 election. In those polls, Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes as compared to Donald Trump. But she still lost to him on the final Election Day. That is all thanks to the Electoral College system that Aries in the US Presidential election. In this system, getting more votes does not always mean that a candidate is sure to win the election as well.

The same thing is happening in the 2020 election campaign and polls as well. Biden has been getting more votes in polls in most parts of the campaign. In strong states, Biden has been getting up to 10 point lead, while Trump has also been seen recovering in many polls. The stats are much clearer than they were four years ago.

The Deciding States

When it comes to winning the election, getting the majority votes matters less. All that matters is where you win and where you lose in the Electoral College system.

In the United States, most of the states always vote the same way. That is why a majority of the states are divided into either Democratic or Republican states. The main competition comes down to just a few states with variable votes. Their votes are mostly influenced by the candidate.

Both of the candidates and their parties focus more on winning in these states because they are their only strong chance of winning the presidential race 2020. These are called the battleground states, and they usually determine the election results.

The Electoral College system that is used to give representation to every state in the US divided the votes according to the total population of every state. Total number of votes in the country are 538, out of which getting at-least 270 votes is a must for one candidate to become the next president of the United States. The states with more Electoral College votes, and the battleground states get more attention by the candidates. A state that qualifies to be a battleground state, and has a higher number of votes is of top priority.

What About The Battleground States?

Currently, the battleground states seem to support Joe Biden, but things can change at any time as nothing is final. This can be confidently said about anything that involves Donald Trump (see what he did back in 2016!).

Many of the states in which Biden is winning voted for Trump in 2016, and he won by narrow margins of 1% or even less in most of them. But big Trump States in which he won by around 8 to 10% margin are now also showing to support Biden, and this could very well be a concerning thing for Trump’s team. Trump also realizes this, and he also has changed his reelection campaign manager.

Will The Coronavirus Pandemic Have Any Effects?

The coronavirus outbreak has attracted all the headlines in the US right since the start of 2020, and Trump has not managed to control this outbreak in the best way possible. At least this is what the numbers suggest.

Most people and states still agree with his way of dealing with the pandemic. His party kept supporting him, while the Democrats have since been opposing his actions. What will happen? We can only wait and keep eyes on Trump vs. Biden Ohio polls.