What Is The Reason Do We Get Allergies?

What Is The Reason Do We Get Allergies?

There are some people who are very unfortunate. This is because these people cannot eat peanuts without landing up in the hospital. This is merely an example of how worse allergies can be. Most of us have allergies of some sort. You can be allergic from nuts to fish to sea food to jellies to lactose and the list never seems to cease. An allergy clinic is very helpful to diagnose your allergy timely so that you can keep it in control. But the question here is that why in the first place do you get an allergy?

What Is an Allergy?

As per an allergy doctor at allergy clinic, an allergy is a natural reaction of the body to external stimuli. This reaction of the body is usually against environmental components that are generally harmless and inoffensive to majority of the people.

Role of Immune System in Human Body

In order to understand why we have allergies, it is first important to understand the role of immune system in our body. Any allergy doctor will be able to guide you through this. The immune system is much similar to a protective shield right inside our body that saves us from external harm such as infections and diseases.

How Is Allergic Reaction Caused?

The immune system functions like the sensory system of the body. It receives external stimuli from the surroundings and then reacts by creating a protective safeguard response of its own. The main purpose of the immune system is to recognize foreign particles and suppress them from entering the human body. When you have an allergy, your immune system lacks certain antibodies that would make your body otherwise react to some foreign particles. Hence, this results in an allergic reaction.

Antibodies Are the Culprit

The reason why some people have certain allergies whilst others don’t is because some people have certain antibodies in their system that others lack. This is why no two people suffer from the same allergies. It is not hereditary and it does not run in the family.

Getting Medical Help for Allergy Diagnosis

If you visit your nearest allergy clinic, the allergy doctor present there will surely be able to help you recognize any allergic symptoms that you might have. If you do not have any symptoms but still want to find out what you are allergic to – you can still pay a visit to the nearest clinic for a complete body checkup. In this case, you will be exposed to various external stimulants and your body’s reaction in each case will be recorded.

Why Is It Important to Have Control Over Your Allergies?

It is best to find out about any allergies that you might have as soon as possible because this saves you from greater damage later onwards. You will be able to be careful in the future. Allergies can be fatal if not controlled or taken care of. Hence, make sure you do not put yourself in such a life-threatening situation by risking your safety and well-being and if you experience any symptoms, contact an allergy doctor immediately.