Start your Own Tree Service Company

Start your Own Tree Service Company

In terms of starting any kind of business, it is always a risk because you never really know if it will be a success. Startup companies are going to give you surprises, sleepless nights, long days, and maybe even a little headache. However, if you ask contractors of tree care who have become owners of their own tree service company, they will say that all efforts are worth it. Even if there is no perfect equation to make a company succeed, there are still good advices you can take that are going to help you. Regardless if you are only thinking about it now or ready to start, read the tips that are listed here to help you think more clearly.

What you need to know about tree services

Tree service

A detailed plan is important for the success of any entrepreneur. A few of the things you need to consider are the initial cost, the market, and what is the timeframe for you to reach breakeven. Since you already have a business idea, drawing up a business plan is necessary because it will serve as your company’s guide to success. Before you start a tree service company, come up with a concrete plan.

The right tree cutting

If you get proper training, you will be given certification because this will inform good clients about your seriousness and responsibility about the business. You should earn the certificate in using the chainsaw safely in your entire local community college life. You can take a course to become a Certified Tree Worker/ Climber Specialist. It is important that you have the right training so that you will not have injury while you remove trees.

Have your business name trademarked

Another good thing is to perform a Federal Trademark search to make sure that the name you thought of does not have a trademark. Trademarking is wise to do later if you plan to make the name known or if you want to do franchising. What you can do is to get a lawyer to interface with the country’s patent and trademark attorney because you need someone to guide you. This is going to cost you some money, but it will keep others from legally using your business name in all states. The big businesses did this long before they go to where they are, which is why you need to start small but foresee expansion.

Buy tree cutting equipment

You need to have climbing equipment like saddles, lanyards, static and dynamic rope, chainsaw, a climbing saw, and a large saw. Make sure that all of your equipment meets certain national standards to be safe. If you want to target large companies to be your clients, they are going to look for this. You would have to record the number of hours your ropes have been used and replace them on a regular basis.

Get insurance for your business

Get insurance because it will protect you from being liable in case of any damages to yourself on the property of the client. The minimum coverage of the insurance is $1 million in damages. You also have the option to get insurance against your workers getting injured or yourself. Even if you can still work without insurance, more homeowners will want to hire you if you have insurance. Your business will have a good reputation and people will talk about it because of your professionalism.

Look for customers

One of the most ideal places to find customers is in garden centers around you. Look for the owners and ask them if they can refer you to customers who might be needing a tree removal service. Inform your family, friends, and peers that you have this business. You always need to have business cards so you can give them to potential customers anytime you encounter them. You can also call the local utility companies to ask if you can do contract for them because they may want to have a tree removed or trimmed on a regular basis. If they like you, they will become regulars.

These are what you need to consider when planning a tree removal service md business to start off right away.