Important Things to Know About Hair Extensions

Important Things to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are no more only celebs choice. Lots of people wish for thick locks and lengthy hair, but are frustrated with the slow growth of their hair. Fortunately, with the availability of hair extensions, the wait has come to an end.
Extensions update your look instantly and open the door to different styles. Nevertheless, extensions are costly and to get the worth of your money and to ensure you hair looks fabulous, it is a must to take good care of your extensions. If you neglect taking care of your extensions, it will look fake and drop out. So take some extra time and get the best out of your hair extensions. Be Gentle, the first golden rule.  Here are some of the valuable tips on the hair extensions maintenance to look the best always.


Buy Good quality

Get hair extensions of good quality hair extensions. Especially ask for Remy that has human hair extensions. You can get it tailored. Users must ensure to have the hair extensions styled so that it looks authentic and natural.


Never sleep on the regimen of night hair care. Sleeping with a silk pillowcase or a silk bonnet is best as it protects your hair from breakage, dryness and from putting heat every day.


Seek Professional help

Seeking professional help is mandatory in the first place, particularly when you want them to place it into your hair. They will ensure the right color and texture, besides make it easier to blend even when there is a two-toned look or even with fusion hair extensions, such as your hair is light brown and the extensions are dark brown.


Style of wearing

Loosen a bit, in case the weave of hair extension is too tight. This is because in the long run, there may be hair loss if it is not maintained properly. Also never put any chemical on it.

Give breather to your natural hair. “Treat it, condition it and without fail baby it. You may do hot oil treatments using natural oils to prevent hair from getting dry. You can put Virgin coconut oil on your hair.


Consider your lifestyle

Buying or wearing hair extensions means you must consider your lifestyle. There are three hair extension types. Firstly, the clip-ins is the entry level that is highly popular and is user-friendly. They can be clipped as you like. Tape extensions is the second option as they are in place presenting invisible, strong bi-adhesive premium tape that lasts up to eight weeks and is undetectable to touch. The third is keratin, a high-tech process lasting for three months. Consider buying human hair extensions rockville md.