Important nasal and other diseases of school going children

Important nasal and other diseases of school going children

Children are more prone to diseases and when they have runny nose or sneezing it is often difficult to understand the exact cause or it. Nasal allergy problems leading to asthma is common among children and therefore it is natural that any parent would like to have a nasal allergy doctor near their house. Important nasal allergy symptoms found in children for whom treatment form a nasal allergy clinic will be essential are detailed below.

  • Frequent sneezing.
  • Runny and itchy nose.
  • Chronic cough.
  • Red, watery eyes.
  • Allergic shiners — dark rings under the eyes.
  • Mouth breathing, especially while asleep.
  • Exhaustion, because of poor sleep-quality.

Nasal congestion

Stuffy nose or nasal congestion are very common among children. The exact cause for this discomfort can be found out by a nasal allergy doctor only. At times the congestion becomes so severe that they could breathe only through their mouth. This also denies sound sleep to the child. If left untreated, the above mentioned disorder can lead to affect the growth of the teeth and the bones of the face. So it is always better to get the treatment form a nearby nasal allergy clinic as soon as the symptoms appear.


Physical education is very important in school days and children with asthma will also be taking part in such activities. But in such cases care should be taken to see that the student is under the consultation of a nasal allergy doctor.

Sore throats

Extra mucus is produced as a result of allergic reaction. This leads to nose dripping. It affects throat and comes out in the form of coughs.  Going to a nasal allergy clinic will not be beneficial in this case.  You are advised to meat an ear nose throat specialist for this case.

Ear infections

Middle ear infection is very common in children. Children below the age of two are not suffering this because of any allergy problem. However when they grew older allergies can also play a role in the fluid found in their ear drum. Some children are prone to seasonal rhinitis or regular rhinitis.  It is a common nasal obstruction. The congestion in the nasal passage can lead to sleep problems like sleep apnea or snoring. Consulting a nasal allergy doctor or getting admitted in nasal allergy clinic and undergoing regular treatment will be advisable when the patients are in their childhood period.


Children are often found to be suffering from sinusitis and such children have to be admitted to a nasal allergy clinic and should be subjected to proper treatment and follow up actions. Studies have shown that the adenoids of such children are larger than the normal ones. So whenever a child is showing some signs of sinusitis take him to a nasal allergy doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.