Hire Professional Tree Care Services for a More Beautiful Garden

Hire Professional Tree Care Services for a More Beautiful Garden

If your home is adorned by a garden and you would like to know more about the basics about caring for trees, then, you have to know that spring is the best time of the year to hire professional tree care services.

Why Tree Pruning is Best on Spring

Due to the stored nutrients, it is during spring season when there is a tremendous amount of growth. When spring season comes to an end, trees have almost used up majority of these stored nutrients and will then start with the photosynthesis process or making brand new supplies of nutrients. In some instances, a tree could have sufficient stored nutrients to leaf out but not adequate enough to continue growing. It is the very reason why heavy pruning is never recommended when the spring season ends.

Most of the pruning can be completed all throughout the year with lesser effect on the trees. Of course, you can always prune the diseased, weak or dead limbs. As a general rule of thumb, closure of the wound is fastest and there will be a maximized growth when pruning happens prior to the growth flush in spring.

There are certain trees such as maples and birches which tend to be bleed if these are pruned too early during the season. Also, there are certain tree diseases, such as oak wilts, which can spread little by little when pruning, letting the spores access the tree. It is thus recommended that susceptible trees must never be pruned during active transmission periods.

How to Properly Care for Trees

Obviously, caring for trees is not solely confined to any season because you have to take care of them all throughout the year. The main question is, how will you really care for your trees? The main concern is soil moisture but take note that this is not as easy as it sounds. Too much moisture or too little moisture can cause the death of your tree. The soil of the tree must be moist between 12 to 18 inches of depth. You will be able to get a good idea of the moisture depth by digging or using soil probe analysis.

Among the most common mistakes people commit when caring for their tree is that they forget to water it every time they water the yard. When you do it, the tree fails to get enough water that it needs. The lawn, the number one competitor of the tree, will soak up most of the moisture. A thatch in your lawn will also act as a water repellent. Thus, a much better alternative will be to opt for soaker hoses or sprinklers. Water must be applied to your plants all year round, including the drier winter season.

The soil type also plays a big role when caring for your trees. There are different soil varieties underneath the tree, from clay to alkaline to silt to sand. When you know the types of soil under your soil, it will be easier to take the necessary steps to improve it.

Find a local tree service to help you with proper caring for your trees.