8 Valuable Commercial Deep Fryer Safety Tips

8 Valuable Commercial Deep Fryer Safety Tips

Deep-fried food is seriously finger-licking good but for proper functioning of deep fryer and other stuff, commercial kitchen appliance repair should be done from time to time in order to make them function efficiently. Furthermore, commercial deep fryers have boiling oil in them which should be handled with due care and following safety tips should also be followed.

Never Introduce Water to the Deep Fryer

Water and deep fryer have never really been a great combo. So, make sure you keep the water far from the deep fryer even if any mishap occurs. Commercial deep fryers are in constant use having hot oil in them, if water comes in contact with that boiling oil, it can make the oil splatter so bad that an extremely bad injury to anything or anyone near the deep fryer can occur. Moreover, ensure that the food that you are going to put in the deep fryer in completely soaked and there are no water drops on it because even the smallest drop can cause harm. The harm could also be caused to the fryer which would end up in getting expensive appliances repairs.

Use a Long Fork or Fryer Baskets

Because the temperature of oil in the deep fryer is extremely high that can melt your skin in no time, serious safety precautions should be made. While putting the food in the deep fryer and taking it out, make sure you use long forks, tongs or fryer baskets so that you don’t have to take your hand near the sweltering oil and risk your hand.


While handling a commercial deep fryer you would require a proper outfit that saves you from the lazing heat and oil spills. Wear gloves made of special materials to be used for the deep frying purpose that saves your hand, wear goggles to protect your eyes, long-sleeved shirt and shoes that cover your toes properly. Don’t get lazy while dressing yourself up appropriately because commercial fryers temperature is way more than you can imagine and you would definitely not want to get hurt from it.

Never Compromise on the Quality

If you run a restaurant then there must be a need for several deep fryers in your kitchen. It is undoubtedly a big investment but never compromise on the quality of fryer and the oils that you use because poor quality appliances and products can also result in causing safety hazards. To protect every appliance in your restaurant’s kitchen, make sure that you invest in super high quality so that the safety issues are minimized.

Avoid Overfilling

If you overfill the deep fryer with cooking oil or food, there would be a higher risk of accidents to occur. There is a fill line in every deep fryer while shall be passed neither by oil nor by the food. Keep things easy for you to handle by following the safety measures properly.

Get It Repaired Regularly

With the daily several hours’ use of deep fryer and other appliances, regular commercial kitchen appliance repair has become an important need. The grease is not easy to remove and to make the deep fryer work with optimum efficiency, you would have to get it cleaned and repaired on a regular basis from the pros who know how to do the deep fryer repair well. For better knowledge, you can should ask frequently asked questions about deep fryer repair which will help you take care of the appliance better.

Have a First Aid Kit Nearby

A first aid kit should be present in your commercial kitchen at various places so that it is easy to reach from anywhere. Put all the basic tools, ointments and medications required if any safety hazard occurs. If there would be a first aid kit nearby, in case of any emergency, rather than waiting for the rescue team to arrive and let the harm gain its strength, you can use it on the injured person for temporary relief.

Keep Combustibles Away From the Fryers

Combustibles are highly susceptible to catch fire and cause huge damage so, ensure that you don’t have any combustible product near the deep fryer.

Follow these simple safety tips and get a regular deep fryer repair Northern VA for perfect and safer functioning of the appliance. And never neglect staff training to avoid any accidents.