What you need to understand before opting for NeoGraft hair transplants

What you need to understand before opting for NeoGraft hair transplants

Follicular unit hair transplantation is a specialized method of hair transplantation in which donor hair form donor area is extracted in follicular units and is implanted in the special pores provided in the recipient area for this purpose. In NeoGraft hair transplants, accurate and efficient devices introduced in the recent years are used to make FUE fare more efficient.  Now, this method is considered as a game-changer in the hair transplantation scenario.

FUE can be carried out using different instruments and tools and even robots are made use of in  this procedure. FUE greatly reduces the discomfort, risk compared with the traditional strip-harvest hair transplantation procedure.

Procedure explained

Many people believe that NeoGraft hair transplants are a better procedure for carrying out hair transplantation. It is less invasive than strip harvesting. No scalpel is used or no stitches or staples are used in this procedure. This makes faster healing and the patient has to suffer little discomfort only. Though FUE was introduced in the early years of this millennium, NeoGraft hair transplants were introduced only around 2008 or so. Thousands of FUE have been performed throughout the world and it forms the major chunk of the hair transplant surgeries.  This is follicular hair transplantation carried out with modern sophisticated devices and tools.

Benefits There are many advantages and benefits to the follicular unit hair transplant with Neograft. They are :

  1. There are no staples or stitches in the area from where the donor hair is extracted. The tiny pores in the recipient area are only 1 mm in diameter and will vanish within a few days as they heal very fast. The donor area looks almost normal within a week of the surgery.
  2. As hair extraction is faster, the cost of this method has reduced considerably compared to the cost of FUE

Important aspects to be considered before fixing your surgeon

  1. Don’t go to hospitals based on the availability of the facilities only. Since this is a matter which is artistic in nature, make sure that the surgeon you are selecting is capable of providing artistic and attractive look to your face after the completion of the surgery.
  2. Though the cost of FUE procedure is prohibitive to general public the introduction of Neograft procedure has made it more cost effective. The use of the high speed follicular unit harvesting mechanism in the procedure has helped a lot in redubbing its cost considerably.