What happens when you don’t pay court ordered child support compensation?

What happens when you don’t pay court ordered child support compensation?

One of the most disputed aspects in any divorce proceeding is child support. In case the parent fails to make the court ordered child support payment then he/she would face severe consequences. Consulting an divorce lawyer is the best option available in such cases.

Some Common Penalties for not paying child support

If you have not been paying the court ordered child support payments, you may face some dire consequences. Either a civil or criminal warrant can be issued against you along with contempt of court. In some cases, the court can fine you or hold you under custody. Cancellation of wages, exclusion from government benefits, confiscation of passport are other dire consequences. It is better to hire a divorce lawyer to understand these penalties of not paying child support.

Varying Family Laws by State

The state laws may vary on this agreement but one common thing is the child support agreement would be enforced even when you move from one state to the other. In case you plan to move cross state to avoid the child support payment, then you can be convicted with federal charges including compensation of the unpaid support and imprisonment. In case you are a military personnel, the child support nonpayment can cause dismissal from service. A divorce lawyer would be able to help you through these varying laws, in case you are from a different state.

Reduced/Different Financial Circumstances

It may so happen that you are unable to make child custodial schedule payments on time owing to some financial difficulties. Instead of fearing harsh penalties, you can seek help from a local enforcement agency. This agency will help you schedule a payment plan such that you can make the timely court ordered child support payments.

You can even try to revise the legally enforced divorce judgment with regard to payment of support. In such a case, you as the requesting parent will need to show proof of your reduced or different circumstances. In such cases the child custodial schedule will be changed in points involving medical emergencies or other child related needs. The child support attorney can better help in tackling such situations.

Child support is completely different from visitation rights and the parent receiving the support should bear that in mind. In case of child support nonpayment, the parent can visit his/her child as per the divorce judgment.




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