Narcolepsy and its management

Narcolepsy and its management

All about narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is unceasing neurological disarray affecting a portion of the brain that control sleep which may need help of a sleep doctor. People those who are suffering from narcolepsy can experience too much daytime sleepiness and unexpected loss of muscle power, often prompt by sturdy emotions. And as a result, the sufferer may fall asleep while cooking, working or even while driving, which can prove out to be life threatening. Narcolepsy is a very dangerous sleeping disorder, the causes of narcolepsy may be stress, anxiety, or even related to the genetics of the sufferer. It is very important to seek a medical attention for this disorder as many of the time, it can turn out to be life threatening. However, along with medical attention, proper attention to narcolepsy is very important. Here are a few ways for management of narcolepsy, so that a narcolepsy sufferer survives a beautiful life.

Instruction to survive with narcolepsy

Through medical administration and a practical attitude, narcolepsy can be easily managed, and prevented from snooping too much in your day to day life. However, along with medical supervision, management of narcolepsy at the personal level is very important. Here are a few tips for narcolepsy management. Just have a look over them to help yourself or any of your loved one who is suffering from sleep disorders like narcolepsy.

  • Take a nap whenever you feel like that a narcolepsy attack is about to loom. The symptoms of narcolepsy include hallucination, restlessness, and fatigue.
  • Whenever you feel like a narcolepsy attack is about to start, ask any of your trusted person to stay nearby you, as you never know when things slip out of your hand it is better to have a help always by your side.
  • Take all your prescribed medicines on time, as a sudden sleep attack can prove out to be dangerous.
  • Drive only after consulting your doctor, drive any sort of machinery and vehicles after taking all your prescribe medicines, and taking an approval from your doctor.
  • Inform all your friends and family members about your condition and tell them all the stuffs you face as a narcoleptic. And ask them to co-operate with you, as your condition may turn out as a critical condition some times.
  • Try to attend counseling session with your loved ones as going for counseling with your friends and family, will help them to know better about your narcoleptic condition.


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