How To Plan A Wedding In 30 Days

How To Plan A Wedding In 30 Days

For brides to be, wedding planning can be a very stressful time. Add to that a time crunch and you are sure to become a disaster by the end of the day. Here are some easy ways which can make your wedding planning a lot more breezy by booking vendors and wedding tent rentals on time, and the best part is that you can plan it in 30 days or less.

Pick The Venue First

The very important and the most time-consuming thing is the venue so make sure that you tick it off first. Try to select a venue as soon as possible so that you can get on with the decorations and flower arrangements. The venue also needs a lot of time because the bride and groom both need to see if it’s perfect, if the view is up to par or not, etc. So, try to get this thing off the list first.

Get The Dress Done ASAP

Next, comes the fun but equally time-consuming part and that is your dress and shoes. Not to mention, your bridesmaids ‘dresses as well. This also takes a lot of time, so book your appointments beforehand and go to town.

Try to have a dress in mind before you step inside a store, that way you will know what you are looking for. Once you have the perfect dress narrowed down, you can get it sized according to your body and then you can select shoes, which is still relatively easy.

Food And Guest Accommodation

Once you have the venue and date booked for the wedding, it’s time to go into the nitty gritty of stuff and plan for the decoration, foods and guest accommodations. This doesn’t take a lot of time at all, all you really need to do is set an appointment with a wedding planner or designer and they will help you through most of it. Then comes the caterer and you can decide the menus for the desserts, cakes, and other courses. This shouldn’t take you more than a couple of days.

The Decorating Comes Next

The last things associated with the venue is decorating and the flower arrangements. This should be done some weeks before the wedding, but not too soon as the flowers need to be fresh for the special day. This can be done very easily if you seek help from a wedding planner and decorator. They will help you a lot in this regard.

All you need to do is lay down your ideas and what you are expecting for your wedding day. After that, you can be rest assured that your wedding will be something right out of a fairytale.

Planning The Reception

The next most important thing is the planning of the reception. Where it will take place, how the guests will be seated, the setting of the dance floor, the first dance, the cake cutting, etc. This can also be done in a couple of days if you know what you are looking for. Try to go into these things with a plan, which is why you need to have a mental image of what your reception will look like. You can lay down your image in front of the event planner and give the reins forward.

Don’t Forget The Photography

Last but certainly not the least, a wedding is not complete without beautiful photography. You can seek out amazing photographers from freelancing sites and Facebook groups. Try to support small businesses if you appreciate their work.

Go for aesthetic photographers that will set your pictures apart from the others. If you are in a hurry, then it’s best not to experiment with someone new. You might not like their timeliness or aesthetic. Go with a photographer which you have worked with before and who you are comfortable with. They will certainly not disappoint you on your big day.

There you have it! Who would’ve known that you could plan a full-blown wedding in 30 days? All it takes is some planning and creative thinking and you are good to go to enjoy your special day. Try to book the venue, caterers, and wedding party rentals Rockland NY as soon as possible to avoid postponing your wedding.



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