9 Child Support Questions You Wanted Answered

9 Child Support Questions You Wanted Answered

A child support lawyer is one of the mandatory components to keep in mind when you are going through a divorce trauma in your life. He can better guide you for the few important questions you should know for your child custody. Some of them could be,

What is child support?

Usually parents are unaware of this question without realizing its importance. You should be well aware of this query to make sure the safety of your child financially. Child support is an amount used to meet the financial needs of your child when both parents have been separated from each other. The order is made in best interest of child to get financial support from both parents so as to not depend on state welfare or support programs.

What is usually covered in child Support?

This question must be clear to you as you should be well aware of the importance it holds. Your divorce lawyer might help you in this regard to clear such legalities to proceed your case further in court. Child support usually covers the basic living necessities of your child including food, clothing, shelter, medical and academic expenses. It does not include luxurious part of their living if they have any.

What happen if the non-custodial parent is living in another state or does not come to court?

If the non-custodial parent is in another state, then you need to inform the court personnel so he can arrange an assistant to represent him in the court with his due permission. And if the non-custodial parent does not come to court for no other reason, it does not harm you in anyway. The court can still pass the child support order for non-custodial parent if you present his financial information along with basic needs of your child.

How is the child support amount calculated?

A child support lawyer has all the documents to show you the complete detail for how is it going to be calculated. It does not contain one constant formula as it is dependent on various factors related to each parent and the child. The basic factors to be considered in the court are the age of your child, their medical needs and their academic development along with each parent’s income level, their earning capacity, their highest qualification and their financial condition.

Do you have to pay taxes on child support?

The role of your divorce lawyer holds a good importance here to play tactfully for your applicable taxes part as every year there comes a small amendment in laws. Usually child support is not covered in income part as you are only liable to pay some particular part of your income to fulfill the necessary expenses of your child. So, generally child support is not a taxable part of your income.

How does child support gets affected in case of losing job or getting a new one?

Generally, court is not responsible for any of the such circumstances and the child support amount does not gets adjusted easily. You can take help from your child support lawyer in such situations to file a request in court for making necessary modifications. The court will then review your case and make modifications if feels necessary.

Does marrying again have any effect on child support order?

Remarrying does not affect the amount of child support for paying parent as it is obligatory for only the actual parents. Exceptions are possible in case a custodial parent files a request for increased modification in child support amount.

How does the amount of child support gets collected?

It is usually done in two ways, either you directly pay the amount to custodial parent or your employer deducts the amount from your salary and it is then sent to the custodial parent through legal channels.

Is it important to hire a lawyer for child support?

Honestly speaking, yes, it is very important to hire a child support or a divorce lawyer AlexandriaVA. Since divorce and child support issues are very sensitive and complicated requiring highly professional legal assistance to present in court. It is in best interest of your child if you have one and you both are not living together anymore.



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