5 Questions To Ask Your Sleep Specialist

5 Questions To Ask Your Sleep Specialist

Dealing with sleeping disorders is already a problem in itself, so if you are not sure what your concerns should be asked to the sleep specialist regarding your inability to sleep, then here are some key questions you should ask your sleep doctor.

How will lack of sleep affect your life?

If you are well rested and fully energetic after a good night’s sleep, then your whole day will go smooth and you will feel yourself in a good mood. If you are a insomniac and any dealing with sleep disorder and finding it hard to sleep at night, then your whole day might be affected.

You will feel extreme fatigue, you will feel groggy, you will feel irritated and any little thing will get on your nerves. You will be in a bad mood all day and this is all because of lack of sleep. So if you are ready to consult with a sleep doctor, then one of your top questions should be about sleep and how it will affect your daily life.

Do I need medicine to fall asleep?

This question is raised by people who just cannot fall asleep at night. They feel restless, wide awake and unable to fall asleep under any condition or circumstance. This is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed by your doctor. Your doctor will tell you whether or not you need medicine to induce sleep or not and that depends on how serious your condition is.

If you only feel like you are unable to sleep only some days of the week, where your routine is stressful, then you are not in, a very critical condition. But if you are unable to sleep for months on end, then this issue needs to be consulted with your doctor.

If you desperately need sleep, then the doctor will prescribe you sleep medicine, which will hopefully help you fall asleep. You can go for natural sleep inducing methods as well, but if these don’t work then you will need medicine regardless.

How are sleep disorders caused?

Sleeping disorders are caused due to a variety of reasons. It can be caused due to stress, overworking and anxiety. It can also be caused due to genetics and it can also be familial. The causes are a lot and you need to pinpoint what exactly is causing inability to sleep. Lifestyle changes, job changes, late hour working, etc. can be some of the many reasons why sleep disorders are caused. Sometimes, slight changes in your lifestyle can revert sleeping disorders, but it is important to know the cause. This can be found out by your doctor.

What lifestyle changes should be made?

As mentioned before, some lifestyle changes are necessary to revert a sleeping disorder. If the cause is not genetic or familial and it is mainly due to stress or overworking, then you should make some slight lifestyle modifications. See in your routine where you have changed something. It can be late hours of work, it can be a late night job, it could be stress over something.

If these changes are affecting your sleep schedule too much, then you should immediately give these habits up. Staying up late and sacrificing your sleep for work is never the solution, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Is there any way to avoid medication?

There are ways you can induce sleep if you are not a fan of taking medicine for sleep. Some of these things include having a strict sleeping schedule, making sure you are not over caffeinated right before you sleep, not doing too many strenuous exercises which could raise your heart rate, not using electronic devices right before you sleep, making sure your room is comfortable and cozy for sleeping, etc. These things can help a lot in making you fall asleep. These things can also be consulted with your doctor if you don’t want to take medication.

There you have it! These questions serve as some basic knowledge which you should have when visiting a sleep clinic MD while suffering from a sleep disorder. Answering these questions will give you a lot of mental peace and understanding.



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